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Pandora is an exoplanetary moon in the Alpha Centauri A system where the Na'vi live in James Cameron's fictional world of Avatar. The Pandora biosphere teems with a immense diversity of exotic fauna and flora, both of which were bioluminescent in the dark. The Pandoran ecology forms a vast neural network spanning the entire lunar surface into which the Na'vi and other creatures can connect. I visited Pandora here on Earth in the incredibly rich world created by the Disney Imagineers. They seamlessly mixed the real flora of bromeliads, orchids and the like with the imaginary flora created for their version of Pandora. As I walked through the park, I looked up above me and these beautiful orchids grew from the trunk of a tree. The filtered light through the trees gave them what seemed like the luminous glow of the flora in Pandora. Though the photo was taken in daylight hours, as I painted, I sought to convey the orchids emitting a bio-luminescent glow in the dark. It was a magical trip, and my goal was to share that magic in my painting.
"Orchids on Pandora"
Anna Lisa Leal
$ 535.

18" x 15" x 2"
Not Mounted
Framed with UV Clear Glass
3 lb
Created 2020
Id# 2020-02-16-007

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