Jayshree Vakil

Art Expressiveness

Jahshree's versatile personality reflects in her work through many mediums. Her paintings liberate color and lines from being purely descriptive to becoming free and expressive suggesting emotion rather than a simple documentation of what the eye sees.

Creativity, Motifs, and Liberation

Jayshree's imaginative creative process creates abstraction with energy, color, and feeling.

Jayshree employs figurative motifs to facilitate modern composition. Liberating form, line, and color from mechanical description to produce a poetic, imaginative way of seeing.

Simplification and Vitality

Carefully attentive to the play of forms, she draws from immediate pleasures underlying everyday visual experience. Rhythms of line, rhymes of color and spatial relationships, and unexpected vitality in inanimate objects, all make each work fresh, dynamic, and emotionally resonant.

"It is simplification; instead of drawing an outline and then filling it in with color, with one modifying the other, I draw directly in color. It is not a starting point, but a culmination. I do not paint things, I paint the difference between things."

Early Distinction in Painting

Jayshree started painting over 35 years ago. She earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Arts of the University of Bombay, India in 1980.

Numerous exhibitions of her work were held in India. Additionally, her work has been displayed at exhibitions by leading art associations overseas. Jayshree's creativity and original work has earned her a number of prestigious awards through her art career.

An Accomplished Business Career

Concurrent with her pursuit of a degree in Fine Arts, Jayshree completed a B.A. in Economics from University of Bombay in 1979. At this point, her interest in business trumped her love of painting, and she went to the U.S. for graduate studies, earning an M.S. in Advertising from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Jayshree's education led to a successful career in Advertising with global advertising companies. While she continued to paint on the side as an avocation, her main focus was on her career. She even started her own full service Advertising & Public Relations firm.

Devotion to Art

After 4 years of running The Agency, Jayshree decided that the call of her first love - painting - was too hard to ignore, and that it was finally time to devote her attention on a full-time basis to this no longer an avocation but now a vocation.