A composite consists of one or more images that together comprise a single image. For example, if there is a subject from one photo that is combined with the background from another photo, the result is a composite of the two images. Once we have two or more images and the customer's vision for which portions of the image to combine together, we are able to make this final composite image.

Example Images Before Composite

Image Prep Composite Before 1 Image Prep Composite Before 2

Final Composite Image

Image Prep Composite Final
Collage Blended

Blended Collages

A collage is a group of separate images that are positioned together artistically into a single image. The images may be cropped first before positioning. Images can be blended into the background so that the final image shows seamless combination of photos.

Distinct Collages

As an alternative to blended collages, with a distinct collage the images retain their strong boundaries.

Collage Distinct

Before Image Corrections

Before Image Corrections

After Image Corrections

Before Image Corrections


Images can benefit from enhancements to improve the overall image quality. Examples of parts of an image than be improved include:

Aspect Ratio

See Image Adjustments for more information.

Convert to Black and White

One way to emphasize composition, texture, shape, and lines is to convert a color image to a black and white one. In this example, in addition to converting the image, a stylized effect was added to emphasize further the aspect of ruggedness.

Original Color Image

Original Color Image

Converted to Black and White and Stylized Photo

Black and White Stylized Image

Original Photo

Original Photo

Cropped Photo

Cropped Photo


The choice of cropping for an image can dramatically alter the impact of an image. Examples of ways to crop include:

Remove portions of the background that don't contribute
Emphasize the main subject which is small in the overall image
Position main subject within the overall image for more a more dramatic look
Achieve a specific ratio of width to height so that prints can be positioned properly within an album or frame


Some original images are small, but have such significance that it is important to enlarge, print, and frame for a wall display. Care needs to be taken to enlarge the image while minimizing loss of sharpness. It is important to analyze an image to determine the sizes and best enlargement procedure for maintaining, or if necessary, improving image quality.

Original Photo as 3.5x5

Original Small Photo

Enlarged Photo to 15x23

Enlarged Photo