Luster Lamination

Luster Finish

Lamination is an alternative to glass or acrylic glazing for preservation of prints. It should only be used on open edition art and photo prints since the laminate permanently bonds with the surface of the print. The laminate is a very thin film that is drymounted to the print. It results in a durable finish that can be cleaned without damaging the print. Shown here is a luster finish which is in between matte and glossy in reflectivity. It is recommended for sports and other photo prints.

Linen Finish

Use a linen finish for a refined, low-reflectivity look.

Linien Lamination
Canvas Lamination

Canvas Finish

You can also obtain a canvas appearance with lamination. It displays a more regular appearance than actual canvas. It preserves the print just as with the luster and linen laminates.

Giclee Canvas Sealing

Canvas giclees without sealing are rated at 50 years before there may be discoloration due to ultraviolet light. With the proper sealant, this rating can be increased to 100 years. The sealant does not alter the colors of the canvas. It covers the canvas with a thin layer of material that is UV resistant. The sealant also provides addition water resistance.

Giclee Sealing