Linda Rauch

Linda is a professional artist that produces and sells her work. She has shown her work in the Ars Longa Gallery in Taos, New Mexico, the Linda Kimmons Gallery in Taos, New Mexico, The Fredericksburg Fine Arts Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, in Shputrine Fine Art Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee and in the Prellop Fine Art Gallery in Salado, Texas.

Art Instructor Career

As well as exhibiting her work Linda has had 23 years of experience as an art instructor. She has taught in Australia as well as the United States.


Stephens College, Columbia, Mo. Associate of Art

University of Nebraska, B.S. Art Education K-12

Other Current Exhibits

In addition to the work on display for sale at ArtUSA, Linda is currently exhibiting at Artisans at Rocky Hill in Fredericksburg, Texas.

For More Information

The images on this website show some of her most recent work. To view and purchase her originals and giclees or to inquire about collaborating on a work of art for your home or office, contact ArtUSA.

Modern Impressionist

I like to describe my painting style as Modern Impressionist. There are parts of my work that are impressionist in nature and also parts of my work that have a very modern interpretation to them. When I paint I try to capture the essence of the subject. I like to create paintings that have a certain feeling or mood. I want the viewer to be able to experience this when they look at my paintings. Sometimes the paintings are soft and gentle and sometimes they are bold or whimsical. I interpret the subject in the way that it made me feel when I first saw it.


I have always been drawn to the beauty that nature displays profusely for us. I have especially been drawn to flowers. Flowers are somewhat magical to me. They capture the entire spectrum of the rainbow as well as displaying very intricate design elements. When I look closely at flowers I become mesmerized with the way they have formed. Its in these moments that I am in awe with the magnificence of the universe. These feelings are what I like to share on my canvas.

Painting Flowers

I like to paint flowers as if you are one with the flowers. I like to paint so that you are able to feel drawn into the fields of gorgeous color. Some days I paint the bright sun on the blossoms, or the breeze that makes them sway gently, or an early morning that is just dawning. It is these different moods that I like to capture.

New Mexico Influence

One of the greatest influences on my painting style has been from New Mexico. New Mexico is rich in color and culture. The bright colors that the Indians and Hispanics use so lavishly can be seen in many of my paintings. The cerulean blue skies that you see in northern New Mexico look as if they were painted by an artist. The vibrant colors of the sunset are so spectacular that the entire sky lights up at dusk. I love to use these colors when I paint. I am a native of New Mexico so I was able to enjoy the vivid colors of the landscape for most of my life. I like to combine the translucent glazes of watercolor techniques with thick textural surfaces in my paintings when I cover the canvas in color.

Love of Wildflowers

My love of wildflowers came from planting the mountain side in wildflower seeds when I had my studio in Taos, New Mexico. I will never forget what the mountain side looked like that summer. The flowers were absolutely everywhere. I was frantic to photograph them so that I could remember all the lovely colors and shapes. Some days I painted outside, and then when winter came I used my photographs. I have saved this collection of wildflowers for everyone to enjoy.

Spicewood, Texas

I now live and paint in Spicewood, Texas, which is in the heart of the beautiful 'Hill Country'. This part of the country is known for its abundance of wildflowers in the spring and early summer months. Spicewood is near Lake Travis and very close to Austin, Texas, where Lady Bird Johnson established the 'Wildflower Center'. This area is rich in the wildflowers that I am enchanted with and I feel fortunate to be able to live in the middle of them.