Stephanie Estrin

I'm an abstract painter with a love for bold color. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec but have lived for the last 12 years in Austin, TX. Color is my muse and makes me happy. My work explores human nature and emotion that I capture on canvas that embody my feelings in the moment. I begin each abstract with marks, brush strokes and hands full of paint to get fully immersed in the process. It's intuitive, physical and emotionally freeing. The beginning is the best part for me. Through additive and subtractive processes, I create layers of color and marks. Some of these marks may get covered up but they all add up to a visual story. My goal is to entice the viewer to look closer under the surface to be delighted or intrigued by what they see.

My biggest motivation in creating art is connection. To me, painting is about connecting to myself and to the viewer. When I paint, what emerges is an intrinsic language that is highly personal, yet at the same time, universal as we all have emotions. With the use of color, I strive to make statements through my art that are positive and uplifting; providing my viewer a glimpse into my world. I express myself through paint in a way that I can't do as effectively with words. Through this 'language' my thoughts and feelings are interpreted and transferred onto the canvas.