Tom Bentley

Engineering and Art

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Tom grew up taking things apart to see how they worked. Engineering education followed with degrees at MIT and Stanford. At Stanford he discovered Art and ended up with a dual major of engineering and art.

Engineering Management, Move to Austin

This combination was a perfect fit for emerging hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley. He managed design in several environments but the most fun was doing Apple's first laptop. He ended up in Austin to help start the notebook business for Dell.

Painting and Art

Following a consulting career, Tom started painting in 2013 at the insistence of long time mentor Ruth Meaders.

I am interested in exploring spontaneous emotion. The work is unplanned and never to an obvious purpose. I try new materials and processes constantly.

It is far removed from the world of CAD and Photoshop, which were my bread and butter. I hope to communicate the conflict between feeling and intellect that is core to my experience.