Commissioned Art and Photography

Commissioned Art for Home

Commissioned Art for Your Home

Searching for just the right work of art with the perfect subject matter, size, and color scheme? The best solution for acquiring a specific work of art that fulfills your personal style is commissioned art. We will identify an artist, usually local, who will collaborate with you to create a work of art. This collaboration will help to determine the imagery, size, and palette. Your new original can be framed or gallery wrapped for a contemporary look.

Commissioned Art for Your Business

We can provide commissioned art for your business, whether it is a new space or updating an existing space. Commissioned art will strengthen your business image by adding a creative edge. The work can incorporate concepts such as business ideals, company history, and local imagery. The reception area, hallways, offices, restrooms, and conference rooms are key areas to consider.

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Commissioned Photography for Home

A professional photographer can transform those special events in your life into timeless treasures for display in your home. Whether it is a wedding, a family, or graduation portrait, a professional photographer can work with you to capture the look you envision.

Photography for your Business

Professional photography can add value to your business environment. Examples are executive portraits, building projects, industrial equipment, company group photos, and product photos. Once an image is photographed as a high-resolution digital file, it can be cropped, retouched, enhanced, enlarged, matted, and framed to become an important statement within your business environment.

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