Image Downloads

Image Uploads

A large amount of photos and art are now available in digital format. These include those which have taken with camera phones and digital cameras. Today's camera phones frequently have sufficient resolution for sizes such as 8x12 and even sometimes 16x24. You can also find a host of digital files that are available for purchase from stock photo companies on-line. Frequently these stock photo companies offer various resolutions of the same image depending on how you intent to use the image. Although you can search for images on-line that frequently identify web-size images, these images are typically too low-res for printing giclees with an acceptable quality.

For giclees, you can select any digital image for printing. For giclee pringing its best to use the highest resolution version you have or can acquire. The software will estimate the printing quality as soon as you select an image and indicate it's size. We base the estimate on the size of the digital image in comparison to the size you want it printed. Even low-res images can frequently be printed as 8x10's or smaller. For printing larger sizes, ideally you will select a higher res file.

Flatbed Scans

Some photos and art are only available in hardcopy format such as wedding invitations, personal photos, or gifts of original art. These hardcopies can be scanned into digital files, reprinted, and framed. We can scan up to 1200dpi to generate a reasonably high resolution file for later printing. Frequently even flatbed scans need some color correction to match the original item as closely as practical.

Flatbed Scanning
Hi-Res Photography

Hi-Res Imaging

Austin Art & Frame utilizes hi-resolution cameras and professional lighting to capture digital images from originals and prints that are larger than our flatbed scanner can accommodate. We utilize a detailed procedure that results in images that are generally 80-100MB in size, highly detailed, with excellent color matching, and covering the full spectrum of densities from bright whites to deep blacks. Our giclee printing from our high-res images result in very high quality image reproductions. However, since we have optimized our process, our costs are extremely competitive.