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Covered entirely in a background of gold, the mosaics on the walls, arches and domes of the Basilica Catledrale Patriarcale di San Marco (Chiesa d’Oro) depict stories and events from the New Testament. Dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist, the basic structure of the basilica is a Greek cross completed in 1071 and consecrated in 1094. The Church has been a work in progress with many mosaics completed in the 1200’s and adornments from Constantinople, Alexandria, Syria, and the Near and Far East being brought in and installed from the 12th to the15th centuries. In my drawing on the left, is the left side aisle leading to St. Peter’s Chapel. On the right is the dome above the Presbytery with the magnificent Ambo, or pulpit, in between. I loved the concept of depicting two vanishing points in one drawing.
"Basilica di San Marco"
Norman Bean
$ 3500.

21" x 27" x 1"
Graphite on Paper
Drymount on Acid-free Foamboard
Framed with UV Clear Glass
7 lb
Created 2012
Id# 2017-10-17-029