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Lee County Courthouse, Giddings, Texas. Architect James Riely Gordon designed and built eighteen courthouses in Texas from the 1880's to 1902 (twelve still stand). The Lee County Courthouse design is similar to many of Gordon's courthouse layouts: a Greek cross with the entry ways in the juncture rather than at the ends of the cross. There is a story. Seems that in 1899 the technology to seal water out of the basement and foundation was not adequate. Consequently, settling issues have occurred causing the arches above the entrances at the junctures of the cross to give way, somewhat. In 2010 Lee County did get a half million dollar grant to attempt "The Fix" but it ain't happened yet. They had to make some sort of scaffold or truss to support the moving keystones. The temporary fix caught my interest, so instead of drawing the whole building I elected to draw a detail of one entry way....I liked the way the shadows played and gave definition to the stone and brick-work at that afternoon hour. It really is a beautiful courthouse, I hope they can make The Fix and keep it intact.
"The Fix"
Norman Bean
$ 450.

19" x 23" x 1"
Graphite on Paper
Drymount on Acid-free Foamboard
Framed with UV Clear Glass
5 lb
Created 2017
Id# 2017-10-17-031